Is it bad to talk about “SEX” & “SEXUALITY”

Is it Okay

Being a human we all are bound to live life as per our surroundings environment and society. In some countries it is normal practice for people of all ages to talk about sex or to have sex. But in some parts of this world it is very hard to even talk about sex, specially third world countries.

Young adults in Europe, America & Australia are free to express their feelings with other gender but in most part of Asia, Africa it is not an easy task. Developing countries are improving day by day by the rapid progress in their economy and education, so young adults are going to be free gradually to talk and even have sex in these countries like India, Pakistan, Turkey, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka etc.

The question is when youth of these countries got real liberty to express and feel like an adult of EU or US?

Is it really bad to talk about sex?

No, I don’t think so. Maybe our religious leaders create the hype that talking about sex is forbidden. One who think, talk or have sex will be go to hell for ever. Almost 99.9% young adults spend most of their time thinking about sex and opposite gender.

99.9 % Youth Love to talk about Sex

It is natural and no one should ban upon what you like.

In sub continent there are lot of problems for youth, and people guess very bad specially about girls. If some girl talk to a boy or wear a modern dress then the less educated people (or even educated male) start to think that this girl is corrupt or something like slut.

If a girl like to talk, laugh or chat with her friends or boy friend then she must has the liberty to do so. It is her life and she knows what is bad and what is good for her.

So please stop judging the others. Give the youth liberty to talk about sex or even have sex. If a girl like to have sex with her bf or gf, she should have the liberty to do so and same for boys too. It does not mean that she is now available for all. It is her choice, she can has the right to say “Yes” or “No”.

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Life of an Adult Girl in a Conservative Society

This is the story / feelings of a young adult girl described to me directly. Here is for you people to read. Comments & Suggestions are Welcome. Let’s read what she wants to say in her words.

Me !

Hi Everyone !

I was born in a conservative society and live life as per my parents and society so when I grew up I found myself a mixture of different thoughts. I am an bold girl by nature but my home and society don’t allow me express myself so I was showing my depression by my actions and reactions. I forced to wear Hijab to act like a modest girl. My father is in my favor a little bit but he is not able to help me fully.

My problems

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So I am a desperate and confused, disturbed by society. My interest in education is going lower day by day. I am unable to reply others with decent way, often behave in unfair manner to all, including friends, teachers & family members too.

What I want?

I just wanted to be a modern girl, who should have the liberty to participate in all aspects of life. I love to join parties with my friends at college/university. I want to participate in concerts, gatherings, birthdays & all kind of get together events. But I am not allowed at all. I want to hang out with my friends especially with my boyfriend. Actually I got two boyfriends those love to be with me all the time but I am unable to do that. There is only chance to talk during college time. We are good friends with good understanding.

Being a just adult I am curious to explore my sexuality but not got much chance. My boyfriends still in chance to have me. We never go far, just hugging or little chit chat. A kiss in a month or two is most best thing happened for us.

I want to explore my sexuality & youth. Is this my right to do so? or I should have live life as my parents and society want !!!


Kiss me (not)