This is the story / feelings of a young adult girl described to me directly. Here is for you people to read. Comments & Suggestions are Welcome. Let’s read what she wants to say in her words.

Me !

Hi Everyone !

I was born in a conservative society and live life as per my parents and society so when I grew up I found myself a mixture of different thoughts. I am an bold girl by nature but my home and society don’t allow me express myself so I was showing my depression by my actions and reactions. I forced to wear Hijab to act like a modest girl. My father is in my favor a little bit but he is not able to help me fully.

My problems

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is stressed-sad-young-woman-sitting-on-bed-looking-desperate-l-1024x748-1.jpg

So I am a desperate and confused, disturbed by society. My interest in education is going lower day by day. I am unable to reply others with decent way, often behave in unfair manner to all, including friends, teachers & family members too.

What I want?

I just wanted to be a modern girl, who should have the liberty to participate in all aspects of life. I love to join parties with my friends at college/university. I want to participate in concerts, gatherings, birthdays & all kind of get together events. But I am not allowed at all. I want to hang out with my friends especially with my boyfriend. Actually I got two boyfriends those love to be with me all the time but I am unable to do that. There is only chance to talk during college time. We are good friends with good understanding.

Being a just adult I am curious to explore my sexuality but not got much chance. My boyfriends still in chance to have me. We never go far, just hugging or little chit chat. A kiss in a month or two is most best thing happened for us.

I want to explore my sexuality & youth. Is this my right to do so? or I should have live life as my parents and society want !!!


Kiss me (not)

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